Online-Only Firearm, Ammo & Military Auction

Online-Only Firearm, Ammo & Military Auction

Online-Only Firearm, Ammo & Military Auction 

Monday June 28th 

Lots Start Closing at 5pm 
Preview at the RES Yard  375 Fry Rd, Wooster, OH
Monday, June 21 - Friday, June 25 from 9-5.  

Guns: Sig-Sauer 1911 Scorpion 45acp semi-auto pistol; Sig-Sauer P938 SAS 9mm semi-auto pistol; Taurus G2C 9mm semi-auto pistol; T/C Contender 30/30 single shot pistol, w/ Leupold scope; T/C Contender 35 Rem single shot pistol; NAA 22mag mini-revolver; 357mag & 44mag T/C Contender barrels; J.C. Higgins 583 bolt-action shotgun;  

Ammo: 1,000rds Blaser 40 S&W FMJ; 300rds Federal 40S&W HST; 600rds Federal/Blaser 45acp; 2,500rds Federal/Blaser 9mm; 900rds PMC 223 FMJ; 1,400rds Federal 5.56 FMJ; 700rds 223 tracer reloads; 400rds Winchester 22-250 50gr; 2,500rds Winchester 22LR 40gr; 2,500rds CCI 22LR 40gr; 2,000rds RWS 22LR; 2,000rds CMP 22LR; 500rds 22LR Ely Sport; 500rds Federal Gold Medal 22LR; 4,000, 750rds Winchester AA 12ga #8; 250rds Remington STS 20ga #8; 1,600rds Federal/Hornady/CCI 17HMR 17gr; 150rds 20ga slugs; 39rds Federal 7-30 Waters; 49rds Remington 35 Rem;  

Primers: 4,000 Winchester large pistol; 5,000 Winchester small rifle; 3,000 Winchester 209; 2,000 Winchester large rifle; 1,000 CCI small pistol; 1,000 Federal match large rifle;  

Military Items: Japanese type 95 Gunto sword; U.S. 1917 trench knife; over 100 knives including wwII theater knives; Kabars; bayonets; Z.F.-80 scope; lighters; patches; trunks; books; pictures;    

STILL TAKING CONSIGNMENTS.  833-765-3737 or stop at the Yard, 375 Fry Rd, Wooster, OH Monday - Friday 9-5 Saturday 9-1.  

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